i think you all are happy

cause your all  getting a huge DEMOTION AND IM DISSAPOINTED IN YOU ALL OF YOU INCLUDING ORCA now all of you are demoted to rookie (worst rank  in army

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sneak attack on acp

we wil be sneak attacking the acp on

! sneak attacking acp !

Date: friday, september 16th, 2011


:arrow:  1:00pm CST

:arrow:  2:00pm EST

:arrow:  2:30pm VET

:arrow:  7:00pm GMT

:arrow:  11:00pm AST


Chat: elite swats (go to page)

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Hello, my name is mario man831. I have been an author for about a month, but a haven’t posted anything yet. (sorry) That’s really it for now!!!

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I’m Orcaman4. I’ve been in CP armies since 2010, starting out as a Nacho private. I’m in about 7 armies or 8 armies now. I will be active, I hope.

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Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

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here is my poll2

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here is my poll

<a href="

” title=”my poll2″>

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