my first post

hey guys this is my first post i didnt realize i was here until i logged in so i wrote this post i am glad to be here and thanks for letting me join



About swatleader119

i am a editor in redsnappers gfx and a troop in silver soldiers army and the creator of elite swats
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3 Responses to my first post

  1. σя¢αмαη4 says:

    But this is your own army?

  2. xFurryx says:

    LoL you got no life this is a poser army you copied Elites and SWAT name SWAT exists already and Elites I’m a SWAT LIT currently and a Elites 11G Main Leader your a fail this Elites Swat army has got no life you have the exact same costume as the orignal SWAT like wtf

    • ok i did this when i was small i entered swat but never accepted so i decided to make elite swats i didnt know there was elites and yes my suit may be close but the other suits are not the first doesnt count

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