post shall marioman leave


About swatleader119

i am a editor in redsnappers gfx and a troop in silver soldiers army and the creator of elite swats
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5 Responses to post shall marioman leave

  1. spongebobrox says:

    Ur mentalley ill.
    Your mean to ur troops and you accuse people of something they never did meanie.

  2. spongebobrox says:

    Swatleader stop being a Moldy Sandwich

  3. Orcaman4 says:

    I want him to stay.

  4. ib wish marioman831 stay i voted him to stay

  5. hey wait a minute who hates aha i now whats happening someone hacked sponge bobrox and voted yes i hate him and blamed me any ideas how to stop this and heres proof i want him to stay i had a comment conversation with him

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